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The site you are about to use is a transcription archive of the teaching mission lessons given to many student groups over the years. By way of explanation, the teachers are celestial (spiritual personalities) and the students are human. The term “celestial” refers to personalities that have gone beyond their years in the flesh, or are higher spiritual personalities, who have been trained to teach from the spiritual realm to benefit mankind.


Our first purpose in establishing a web presence is to provide a place to preserve these teachings for all, including religionists, scholars, and philosophers about the future eras of scientific and spiritual enlightenment coming to our planet. Individual transcript instructor sessions may be accessed for reading by using the Browse button, or if the reader prefers, search the entire archive by key word or phrase using the SEARCH menu selection.


The Teaching Mission itself is a “Correcting Time” program put into action by our spiritual superiors sometime around 1991, which they designed to educate students about those supernal values that when applied, may help an individual to live more fully. However, if the reader is more interested in history, his/her attention is directed to the other documents such as may be found in the History of Team section and its Time Line, or view the back issues of the TRNN newsletter with its great storehouse of developmental information.


For general questions the user may have, we offer the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) section. In addition, other informing narratives are available in the Pamphlets section, and perhaps even more helpful to some students, is the full text of The Urantia Book, which cosmologically, philosophically, and spiritually underpins the work of the Teaching Mission itself. Plus, we have included a short Glossary of Terms including many Celestial Teacher biographies.


We also have a second purpose in establishing our presence on the web which is to provide the public information about one of the most extraordinary events to happen on earth for millennia: the appearance of a divine Son in the flesh to establish a new era of opportunity for man.


We speak of the Magisterial Mission and the incarnation of a Magisterial Son of Paradise.  He is also referred to as an Avonal Son, a Paradise Order of Sonship unknown on this planet.   The Magisterial Son's mission is to establish a work place on Urantia, the universe name for our earth, and to modify existing cultural institutions and other civilizational markers that are influential in establishing how we live and work and govern.   The Avonal Son's staff numbers in the thousands and most will be visible to the human eye.


The staff will be available for contact with humanity so that together man and God may cooperate with each other in the rebuilding of the earthly cultures and communities to more closely resemble what it should be, not what it currently is.  The Magisterial Mission may last as long as a thousand years.


Both the incarnating Son and the Teaching Mission will be working together to fulfill man’s education by highlighting through universal instructors those supernal values man most needs to know. will provide the Magisterial Son’s announcements and biography of individuals who will be serving with him. This information along with new Teaching Mission transcriptions as they become available.


Additionally, the Magisterial Mission is that work which prepares our earth to receive the return of our Creator Son, Jesus to most who read this.  In 2011, Jesus who is a Paradise Son and brother of the Avonal Son, will return when the Magisterial Mission has completed preparation for his arrival perhaps in a decade from now.  Jesus, of the Paradise Order of Michael, and who is known in our universe as Christ Michael to many, openly announced his plans to return less than a year ago dated from June, 2012.  Tmarchives will provide users of the site those transcriptions and updates from the Bestowal Commission currently located on Edentia, the Constellaion headquarters world, and all other announcements from Michael himself and others who work with the Creator Son.


Fresh transcriptions are placed in a separate menu  called " Read Latest Transcripts" as shown on the right hand columns of menus in a green font.  The latest transcriptions are displayed for 35 days before they become stale dated and returned to the Browse Section of the transcripts listing nearly 6,000 titles.  The "Browse" Section allows the reader to select teachers by their names such as Abraham by using the alphabetical sorting method on the site.  Other teachers such as Machiventa Melchizedek,  Ham, Elyon, Charles, LinEl, and hundreds more can be found by reading over the full list provided.


In conclusion, we solicit your comments and questions about the site and its materials. The “Contact Us” feature forwards your opinions and remarks directly to the webmaster and the administrators responsible for the material presented herein.


We sincerely hope that you take the opportunity to become familiar with the site and that your stay with us is a pleasant and informing experience.


Thank you.

Starbridge Communications, Inc

A non-profit (501-c-3) Charity who funds and manages and the sites


Ron Besser